Albert Renold Travel Fellowships for Young Scientists

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Organization:European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes (EFSD)
Financing type:Private
Scope of funding:Interantional
Topic: #57091
Start:2018 Nov 8
FSJD end:2019 Jan 8
Official end:2019 Jan 15


The Albert Renold Travel Fellowships for Young Scientists will enable young scientists to travel to and to stay at other institutions in another country in order to learn different scientific techniques related to diabetes research.


Applications may be made by any paid-up member of EASD having received their highest degree (PhD, MD, DMD, DVM, or equal) no more than five (basic scientist) or seven years (clinician) before 1 January in the year the Fellowship is awarded. PhD students are not eligible to apply to this Programme, and Fellows may not hold a Faculty appointment.

Successful applicants must travel within 9 months of receipt of the Award. If this is not possible, special dispensation from this regulation must be sought.

The funds must be transferred into the European institution.

Awardees will be expected to provide a written report and confirmation of stay from the host institution on return to the home institution

Funding and duration

8.000 €

The duration of the stay cannot exceed 3 months

How to apply

In case of interest, please contact with FSJD Research's Dpt. before November, 8th.

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