• Objectives of Sant Joan de Déu Research Foundation

    The primary goal of Sant Joan de Déu Research Foundation is tocontribute to the improvement of people's health and welfare, fostering, supporting and coordinating the research carried out at the various Sant Joan de Déu health centres while upholding our values of hospitality, respect, quality and responsibility.

    Accordingly, the Foundation's objective is to work jointly with the hospitals and other centres of Sant Joan de Déu to expand scientific knowledge and to improve the care given to people who suffer health problems. Moreover, we seek to achieve these ends in an integrated way within the healthcare sphere, always bearing closely in mind the persons who are ill and the members of their families. We approach our research as a participative and interdisciplinary process in which the interaction between our healthcare professionals and society generates enriching initiatives that provide an effective response to people's needs.

    The Foundation's work is set within the framework of the activity of the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God. On the basis of the concept of hospitality and with a universal outlook, the Order strives to shelter, attend to and help people, especially those who are most vulnerable or who suffer social integration or health problems. The research activities of the Foundation cover seven areas of knowledge, primarily in the fields of maternal and children's health and mental health, although it also has research groups working in other areas, notably including that of socially vulnerable populations.

    We would like to conclude these words by expressing our thanks to the people who have made all this activity possible. Firstly, we wish to thank the people who suffer from health disorders and their families for helping us to achieve a better understanding of health problems by cooperating on our projects. We are also especially grateful for the help that we receive from the Foundation's donors and volunteers who, with their effort and their contributions, have provided us with resources that are essential to further research. Their support lends added to our work since it makes patent the fact that society is aware of our endeavours and considers them important, as indeed they are.