Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital Research Biobank

To meet the needs of the people it serves, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu promotes biomedical research and especially translational research on children’s disorders. Since 2009, in accordance with the regulations enacted on research in Spain, our Hospital has created on its premises a biobank of biological samples for research, which is open to researchers of other institutions as well.

This biobank stores and manages biological samples for research and the data which is associated with them under conditions meeting the highest standards and with full respect for patients’ rights as provided by law. Its purpose is to facilitate, promote and carry out biomedical research in paediatrics, to foster a deeper knowledge of disorders and to support the development of new treatments.

Sant Joan de Déu Children’s Hospital Research Biobank (BHISJDI) was authorised by the Directorate-General for Health Planning and Research of the Catalan Government’s Department of Health on 18 February 2013 in accordance with Royal Decree 1716/2011 of 18th November, which sets out the basic requirements for the authorisation and functioning of biomedical research biobanks and for the handling of biological samples of human origin, regulating moreover the operation and organisation of the National Register of Biomedical Research Biobanks.

The BHISJDI Biobank is registered in the National Register of Biobanks.

Likewise, the BHISJDI Biobank belongs to the National Network of Biobanks, to the National Network of Biobanks platform attached to the Carlos III Health Institute and to the Catalan Network of Tumour Banks.

The Biobank’s reference ethics committee is the Foundation’s Ethics Committee on Clinical Research (CEIC), which it has its own Scientific Committee.



Director: Dra. Teresa Ribalta

Technicians: Dr. Jesús Márquez i Dra. Anna Codina

Technician of Tumour Banc: Eva Rodríguez

Hospital Infantil Sant Joan de Déu
Servei d'Anatomia Patològica
Passeig Sant Joan de Déu, 2
Esplugues de Llobregat 08950

Tel. 93 253 21 45


Sant Joan de Déu Healthcare Park Neurological Tissues Research Biobank

Neurological tissue biobanks are collections of samples of brains and other neurological tissues from healthy donors or donors with some neurological or mental disorder. Brain banks are very useful in the genomic and proteomic analysis of neuropsychiatric disorders.

The Sant Joan de Déu Neurological Tissue Bank was created in 2004. It is an archive of tissue samples from donors with a mental disorder. The donors currently number 110. This brain bank offers the possibility of carrying out research on the co-morbidity between mental and neurological disorders in psychiatric patients and on the possible impact of treatments on their lifestyle and on cardiovascular disorders.

The Bank’s main function is to store and manage the brain samples of patient donors with a psychiatric disorder.

The Bank’s team is formed by Dr. Alfonso Monje (coordinator), Dr. Mercedes Roca (psychiatrist), Dr. Juan Medina (psychiatrist), Dr. Joan Costa (family doctor), Adriana Berengueras (administrative assistant and laboratory technician) and Anna Escanilla (neuropsychologist).

The brain samples obtained from donors go through an established circuit that seeks to provide the greatest scientific yield. The right hemisphere is first processed in Anatomical Pathology to diagnose possible vascular, neurodegenerative or other disorders. Subsequently it is stored in cross-sectional slices in paraformaldehyde and in paraffin.

At the present time, only patients with a psychiatric disorder who are hospitalised in long-term units of the Sant Joan de Déu Healthcare Park can be donors of the Bank. In the future, depending on the Bank’s growth, it will be decided whether the Bank should be opened to donations from the community and from healthy persons.

The Neurological Tissues Bank belongs to the National Network of Hospital Biobanks.

Sant Joan de Déu Healthcare Park Neurological Tissues Bank and Sant Joan de Déu Foundation for Research and Education have recently been accepted as a research project for the Thematic Networks for Cooperative Health Research (RETICS), promoted by the Secretariat of State for Research and the Carlos III Health Institute.


Dra. Mercedes Roca
Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu (Sant Boi de Llobregat)