Biomedical engineering

Biomedical engineering

  • Biomaterials and tissue engineering

    Biomaterials and tissue engineering

    Coordinator: Maria Pau Ginebra

    Support for the development of controlled drug-release systems (antineoplastics and antibiotics), for the functionalisation of surfaces and specifi cally metal surfaces intended for implants, and for the development of atmospheric plasma treatments which allow cancer cells to be selectively destroyed without harm to surrounding tissues.

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  • Biomechanical Engineering

    Biomechanical Engineering

    Coordinator: Josep Maria Font

    Kinematic and dynamic measurements of human movement in the biomechanics laboratory, dynamic analysis of human movement, mechanical design of care and rehabilitation devices.

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  • Medical radiophysics

    Medical radiophysics

    Coordinator: Mercè Ginjaume

    Trials and calibration of photon radiation and beta radiation measuring systems, guidance on aspects relating to dosimetric applications of radiations, development of methodologies for the optimisation of the exposure of healthcare personnel when they take part in radiology and interventionist cardiology tasks, estimation of radiation dose in computed tomography, radiology and paediatric cardiology.

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  • Robotics and Vision

    Robotics and Vision

    Coordinator: Alicia Casals

    Guidance on process automation, adaptation and robotisation of facilities, and on diff erent types of facilities, development of vision systems for inspection and guiding of robots, development of image processing systems, design of mobile robots (intelligent walkers, prams, etc.), and study and design of technical aids for persons with physical and sensory disabilities, as well as guidance on and development of advanced control systems.

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  • Instrumentation and bioengineering

    Instrumentation and bioengineering

    Coordinator: Francisco Javier Rosell

    Design and characterisation of medical and biotechnological instrumentation, of ultrasonic transducers, and of control and monitoring equipment; redesign of equipment and facilities. Guidance on the effect of non-ionising radiations and on compliance with EMC and electrical safety standards and directives.

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  • Processing and interpretation of biomedical signals

    Processing and interpretation of biomedical signals

    Coordinator: Miguel Mañanas

    Analysis and interpretation of signals of cerebral origin obtained by means of non-invasive techniques such as electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG). Analysis of signals of muscular origin as a tool for motor diagnosis and rehabilitation. Modelling and simulation of the respiratory system in order to predict the ventilatory response to diff erent respiratory stimuli and in various conditions which may be the result of pulmonary disorders.

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  • Medical imaging, 3D printing and serious games for diagnosis and rehabilitation

    Medical imaging, 3D printing and serious games for diagnosis and rehabilitation

    Coordinator: Daniela Tost and Lluis Solano

    Support for the rapid prototyping of serious games for the performance of short-term experimental studies, the development of a web platform of speech rehabilitation, and support for the development of a series of serious games targeted at the assessment of eating habits and to the acquisition of knowledge for patients with childhood diabetes. Provision of a service for reconstruction of 3D models based on medical imaging and rapid prototyping with 3D printers

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  • Bioinformatics and data analysis platform

    Bioinformatics and data analysis platform

    Coordinator: Pere Caminal

    It is considered essential to propose a platform for the analysis of data in the broadest sense, including bioinformatics and biosignals. The goal is to establish a bioinformatics platform for the IR-SJD with a twofold aim: to provide the set of research groups with support on massive data analysis and to carry out an active programme of research, providing added value to the platform.


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