Why is innovation important?

Healthcare personnel work on the front line and can detect new needs more easily. These professionals, however, do not often innovate. This is basically because in many cases they do not speak the language of technology, being accustomed to clinical and scientific language.

This observation is supported by the fact that Spanish scientists generate a very small number of patents and innovations in comparison to the number of studies and publications that they produce.

Aware of this situation and with the wish to maintain its commitment to innovation, our hospital has become the first Spanish centre to plan and create an internal support process addressed to promoting the generation of ideas among our professionals.

Starting from the assumption that hospitals form the ideal environment for generating ideas, our institution seeks to promote innovation among our professionals and to provide them support so that they can fully develop their ideas, patent them and produce the respective prototypes.

Goals and functions

On the one hand, the goal is to foster the entrepreneurial culture among our personnel, and on the other to provide a platform that will allow these innovative ideas to be put to advantage, resulting in improvements for patients and for society at large.

The main functions are to foster the entrepreneurial culture, to detect new needs for innovation that will result in improvements for patients and society, to carry out the management of patents, to provide support to our professionals with the aim to promote the generation of innovative ideas, prototypes, etc., and to look for external collaboration opportunities in connection with innovation.

Informative meetings are now being held with our professionals to explain the importance of innovation and to present the possibilities and support that our centre offers them in this respect. All these measures are addressed to detecting ideas and to lending support to our professionals in patenting them and developing their prototypes.

Four ideas have already been patented

One of the four ideas that have been patented is an initiative of Dr. Joan Prat, head of the Ophthalmology Service. It involves a device that will substantially improve the diagnosis and treatment of strabismus – a pathology affecting 3% of the population – and that will reduce the number of reoperations that are currently carried out to achieve the desired results.

Do you have an idea that you think you could implement?

If you work, study or research at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona and you think you have an idea or the result of a study that could have a certain commercial potential or that could even interest some company, don’t hesitate: HSJD Innovació can help you.We believe that innovation and the expansion of commercial and industrial collaborations are inherent to the process of conveying knowledge and results to society, with a view to improving people’s health and promoting their welfare.

In order to favour this whole process, we make available to you and to interested organisations an infrastructure addressed to promoting the development of these ideas and to making them a reality through the coordination of the viability study, the management of formalities, financing and all the other aspects that are necessary to develop an initial idea.


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