Institut de Recerca - Sant Joan de Déu Research Committee


  • Dr. Rafael Artuch Iriberri, president
  • Dra. Asteria Albert Cazalla
  • Dr. Pere Caminal Magrans
  • Dr. Carles Escera i Micó
  • Dra. Claudia Fortuny Guasch
  • Dr. Alfredo García-Alix
  • Dra. Àngels García Cazorla
  • Dr. Juan José García García
  • Dra. Maria Dolores Gómez Roig
  • Dra. Lourdes Ibáñez Toda
  • Dr. Josep Jiménez Chillarón
  • Dr. Ángel Montero Carcaboso
  • Dra. Carmen Muñoz Almagro
  • Dr. Francesc Palau Martínez
  • Dr. Francesc Villarroya Gombau
  • Ms. Julia Ribot Ballabriga, secretary


  • To classify, approve and monitor the hospital’s main lines of research.
  • To define the hospital’s publishing rules and classify the scientific publications issued at the hospital.
  • To propose the necessary infrastructure: premises, equipment, and administrative and IT support for research.
  • To establish the channels of dissemination for the research conducted at the hospital.
  • To provide updated information on grants and aids from public and private bodies.
  • To assess and monitor the research prizes and aids granted by the hospital.
  • To report on and validate requests for financial grants, in which the hospital’s name appears, for the performance of research.
  • To stimulate the development of specific research subcommittees in the hospital’s various areas and services.
  • To assess and propose to the hospital authorities the budgets addressed to research.
  • Organisational chart and relations of the committee with the hospital.