Molecular and cellular biology of developmental tumours

Molecular and cellular biology of developmental tumours

  • Therapy development in pediatric oncology

    Therapy development in pediatric oncology

    Our mission is to develop innovative and translational approaches to improve current therapies in pediatric oncology. The open, multidisciplinary and pioneer scientific environment at Sant Joan de Deu provides the ideal condition to accomplish our mission. We have successfully established novel patient-derived tumor models that opened a wide field of possibilities for clinically relevant work, now focused on testing the activity of radically innovative treatments and drug delivery systems.

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  • Translational genomics

    Translational genomics

    Integration of the knowledge of the genome and of medicine to improve therapeutic strategies. The aim is to use "omics" technologies to identify the underlying molecular mechanisms of the biology and clinical-pathological behaviour of developmental tumours, as a possibility for the development of diagnostic, prognostic and treatment-response biomarkers.

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  • Leukaemia and non-malignant blood disorders

    Leukaemia and non-malignant blood disorders

    The primary goal is to deepen our understanding of the origin and molecular bases of paediatric haematological malignancies with a view to transferring new diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic tools to clinical practice.  We seek to conduct translational and easily applicable research both on leukaemias and bone marrow failure syndromes, and on non-neoplastic blood changes, haemoglobin disorders and coagulation disorders.

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  • Neuroblastoma


    Our research group studies and identifies new therapeutic targets in neuroblastoma, and provides personalized treatment to pediatric patients affections of a refractory solid tumor relapsed / based on knowledge of their genetic alterations.

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  • Sarcoma and histiocytosis

    Sarcoma and histiocytosis

    The main areas of research are:

    • Study of the origin of sarcoma and phenotypic and genotypic characterisation of the various clinical subtypes.
    • Research on the existence of precursor or tumour stem cells.
    • Improved treatment of patients with sarcomas through the study of pre-clinical pharmacology.
    • Development of therapies targeted at the IgF1r pathway.
    • Study of directed therapies and molecular pathways in histiocytosis.
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