Research Groups

Metabolic endocrinology


Coordinators of the group

  • Lourdes Ibáñez Toda

Foetal growth restriction may have irreversible consequences. The study of the various stages from intrauterine life to adolescence will allow us to advance in the prevention of this condition and in the treatment and prevention of the complications derived from it.

  • Prenatal diagnosis.
  • Postnatal growth restriction and prematurity.Influence of various nutritional inputs on catch-up in children with intrauterine growth retardation, on extreme prematures and on experimentation models.
  • Endocrinological and developmental effects.
  • Exploration of new therapeutic strategies in paediatric entities associated with insulin resistance; use of new insulin sensitizers with action on pathophysiologic mechanisms responsible for body composition changes, chronic inflammation, dyslipidaemia, hyperandrogenism and associated gonadal changes.
  • Exploration of new risk markers of metabolic syndrome, hyperinsulinism and cardiovascular disease in children and adolescents with low birth weight.
  • Metabolomic studies in patients with hyperinsulinism/metabolic syndrome, and exploration of animal and cell models to determine the pathophysiologic mechanisms of low birth weight, postnatal catch-up and resulting hyperinsulinism.