Research Groups

Cognitive and neurobiological correlates of psychotic and affective symptoms in severe mental disorder


Coordinators of the group

  • Gildas Brébion
  • Christian Stephan-Otto

The line is mainly aimed at studying the relationship between mental disorder and cognition. Our research is based on cognitive and neuroimaging tests, both functional and structural.

We have two main objectives:

  • To better understand the mechanisms involved in hallucinations and to identify the various factors that affect cognitive functioning in severe mental disorder. In this sense, our approach is particular because we take into account secondary clinical symptoms, such as affective ones, that strongly impact on cognition.
  • On the other hand, we have developed biomarkers related to mental disorder, as a new measure of cerebral asymmetry that is altered in schizophrenia.

At present we carry out a study of the neural bases of verbal hallucination in schizophrenia, major depression and healthy population.