Research Groups

Clinical subtypes


Coordinators of the group

  • Susana Ochoa Güerre

The evaluation of the clinical, psychosocial and neuropsychological characteristics of people with a severe mental disorder will allow us to identify more precisely the treatment needs in each case.

The main goal of this line is to evaluate the various clinical, social and neuropsychological aspects, among others, of the people who begin to manifest the first episodes of severe mental disorder. In order to carry out good evaluations in these areas, though, suitable measuring instruments must be available. In this respect, the group's aims are:

  • To determine the clinical and social or neuropsychological functioning variables that have the greatest effect on the negative evolution of the disorder for the purpose of preventing deterioration.
  • To study the clinical, social and neuropsychological differences between the various severe mental disorders.
  • To develop suitable measuring instruments for the evaluation of persons with a severe mental disorder.