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Innovative interventions in Fibromyalgia

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    Juan Vicente Luciano - Group leader

    Predoctoral phase (February 2003–March 2007). I carried out my PhD at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Valencia (Spain) under the supervision of professors Salvador Algarabel González and Amparo Belloch Fuster, and thanks to a four-year predoctoral scholarship (Beca FPU) awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. The thesis titled "Control of intrusive thoughts and memories: the role of individual differences and suppression strategies" was a compendium of four papers published in international journals and were focused on different aspects of thought control addressed from an experimental and clinical point of view. The thesis received a cum laude qualification.

    Postdoctoral phase (April 2007–to date). In 2007, I joined the Group of Health Technologies and Outcomes in Primary Care and Mental Health (Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu, Barcelona, Spain) coordinated by Dr. Antoni Serrano Blanco, and thanks to a postdoctoral contract funded by the Primary Care Prevention and Health Promotion Research Network (RedIAPP, ISCIII). As postdoctoral researcher, I have published more than 45 papers mostly in international journals and thanks to the collaboration with other research groups from the RedIAPP. I have officially participated in four research projects funded by public agencies, two of them focused on fibromyalgia syndrome and two of them on major depression. I have presented more than 20 works in different national and international scientific events, I have won two research awards (III Premio Internacional de Investigación de Psicología en Fibromialgia, Celeste" awarded by the Asociación Vasca de Divulgación de la Fibromialgia and the IV award for innovation in primary care awarded by the Catalan Society of Family and Community Medicine), and I have made two stays in internationally recognized centres (the Aragon Institute of Health Sciences and the Personal Social Services Research Unit at the London School of Economics). I am senior researcher thanks to Miguel Servet contract awarded by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III since January 2015.

    Current research lines:

    • Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments for fibromyalgia syndrome and major depression.
    • Psychometric analysis of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs).
    • Prevention and treatment of common mental disorders among primary health care users.


  • albert feliu

    Albert Feliu Soler - Postdoctoral researcher

  • Adrián Pérez Aranda - PhD Student

  • Laura Andrés Rodríguez - PhD Student

  • Xavier Borràs Hernández - Research collaborator

  • Jaume Aguado Carnet - Research collaborator

  • Antoni Rozadilla Sacanell - Research collaborator

  • Lluis Torruella Barraquer - Research collaborator

  • Eugenia Cardeñosa Valera - Research collaborator