Research groups

Epidemiology of aging: factors associated with healthy aging


Coordinators of the group

  • Josep Maria Haro Abad
  • Stefanos Tyrovolas

The interest of this research line lies in determining the impact (prevalence and disability) of mental disorders in the general population and the health care received by the persons who suffer such disorders. Epidemiologic studies are necessary for the planning and management of resources and to evaluate the existence and impact of factors associated with the possibility of suffering a mental disorder. The various projects of this line are focused on the adult population, the child and adolescent population, and elderly people.

  1. To determine the prevalence of mental disorders in the adult and in the child and adolescent populations.
  2. To study the sociodemographic characteristics and the risk factors associated with mental disorders.
  3. To analyse the way that the healthcare services attend to people with mental health problems.
  4. To determine the impact of mental health problems on quality of life and disability.
  5. To analyse the relation between ageing and neuropsychiatric disorders.