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Reservations for all activities at the UMCHSD are made via e-mail ( and are followed by a rigorous order of reception. Members from the Research Institute and Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital are given priority over other users.

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Schedule and rates

The Confocal Microscope Unit is open Monday to Friday, from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

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  • microscopiMultispectral Confocal Leica TCS SP8 with a high speed module and a STED 3X module for super-resolution. Laser lines: 405 nm, 488 nm and white laser for 470-670 nm excitation. Depletion lines: 592, 660 nm and 775nm. Two hybrid detectors.
  • Light microscope Leica DM5500B and DFC7000T digital color camera for the detection of light transmitted images, polarized light and fluorescence.
  • Computer workstations for fluorescence and confocal processing and analysis images (LAS X, Fiji / ImageJ, Huygens).
  • Auxiliary equipment: incubator implemented in the microscope with temperature and CO2 control, centrifuge, laminar flow chamber, freezer, CO2 incubator.


Microscopy Techniques:

  • Multichannel confocal and transmission imaging of living cells or fixed samples
  • Three-dimensional analysis and relief maps
  • Multidimensional in vivo time-lapse experiments: tracking, intracellular calcium, membrane potential, others
  • High speed Confocal Microscopy
  • Colocalization studies
  • Quantitative fluorescence studies
  • Techniques F: FRET, FRAP, photoactivation...
  • Spectrum analysis of fluorescence
  • Microscopy for multi-layered experiments and mosaics
  • Transmitted light microscopy: BF, DIC and polarized light.
  • Conventional fluorescence microscopy
  • Image processing and quantification with specialized programs: LAS X, ImageJ, Fiji
  • Nanoscopy imaging: HyVolution, STED 3X (Stimulated emission depletion 3D)

Sample Preparation:

  • Sample preparation by transmitted light and fluorescence microscopy of different types of materials (biological and non-biological)
  • Chemical bindings and cutting of biological materials
  • Immunofluorescence in cells and tissues
  • Methodologies for in vivo cell analysis and physiological studies: specific fluorochromes, ion markers (calcium), lectins and fluorescent proteins


The Confocal Microscopy Unit performs the following tasks:

  • Maintenance and coordination of use of different microscopes from the Confocal Microscope Unit.
  • Technical support in working with microscopes and image processing software for untrained users.
  • Training for self-service users
  • Advice and technical support to users
  • Completion of experimental procedures by Unit personnel

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The UMCHSJD is available to all researchers from the Research Institute, to the Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital and to both public and private institutions.

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