The training is one of the strategic lines of the Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu, which aims to expand the knowledge frontier and consolidate the researcher as a relevant asset within the institution.

For this reason, courses will be offered, where they will be able to train as a translational researcher, and scientific seminars, which will present the latest discoveries and challenges achieved by the different research groups, as well as the latest innovations in the field of biomedical research.

Seminar Planning 2018

  • 20/03 "Molecular mechanisms underlying development of the nervous system in health and disease" - Elisa Martí PhD
  • 06/03 "New determinants involved in insulin resistance in skeletal muscle" – PreDoctoral Researcher Gaia Botteri
  • 20/02 "Neonatal Immune System in health and disease" - Laia Alsina MD, PhD and Ana Esteve-Solé MSc
  • 06/02 "Brain electrophysiological markers of cognitive function in neonatology and neuropediatrics" - Carles Escera PhD
  • 23/01 "The decision not to start drug treatment; What is behind this attitude?" - Montserrat Gil Girbau PhD
  • 09/01 "Influenza vaccination in healthcare workers and vaccination recommendations for the adult population" - Ángela Domínguez García Phd

Seminar 2017

  • 12/12 "Design and Evaluation of Innovative Arm Supports for Children and Adults with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy"
  • 28/11 "Neonatal ECG screening for early detection of long QT syndrome"
  • 14/11 "ABLE: A low-cost robotic exoskeleton for walking rehabilitation"
  • 31/10 "European Funding Opportunities in Health Research - 2018"
  • 17/10 "Influence of nursing follow-up on adherence to antituberculous drug treatment in the paediatric population."
  • 03/10 "Our preclinical pathway to a Phase I trial of advanced therapy in retinoblastoma."
  • 20/06 "Imprinting in humans: the role of imprinting in the placenta and in cancer."
  • 06/06 "Studies of diseases using advanced tools in systems biomedicine: derivation of multi-level maps."
  • 23/05 "A trip from the gene to the phenotype"
  • 16/05 "Good practices for project management"
  • 09/05 "Molecular Characterization of Rett Syndrome: elucidating unresolved cases through NGS"
  • 25/04 "Evaluation of the affectivity of a multiple intervention aimed at improving early empirical antibiotic therapy in sepsis in children: pediatric ABISS-EDUSEPSIS study"
  • 04/04 "Genetic sequencing of new generation in patients with radiological abnormalities of the basal ganglia"
  • 07/03 "Axis endothelial insulin and adenosine receptors in gestational diabetes mellitus"
  • 21/02 "Sudden Death of Children and Adolescents in Catalonia How Genetics and Family Implications Help Us"
  • 07/02 "Evolution of nosocomial infection in Pediatric Intensive Units: ENVIN-HELICS study"
  • 24/01 "Neuroprotection and regeneration / repair by combined therapy (hypothermia + allopurinol) in an animal model of hypoxic-ischemic brain


  • 13-16 / 02 - Methodology and Statistics Course