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Organization:Foundation Jérôme Lejeune
Financing type:Private
Scope of funding:Interantional
Category:Research project
Topic: #57091
Start:2019 Jul 1
FSJD end:2019 Aug 3
Official end:2019 Aug 10


The main target of the Fondation Jerome Lejeune, a non profit foundation, is research into genetic diseases with intellectual disability.

Principal characteristics

If you are a researcher investigating on Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities from genetic origin appearing in early childhood, the Scientific Advisory Board of the Jerome Lejeune Foundation invites you to submit your research project aiming at deciphering the pathophysiology of the cognitive deficits of patients, especially those (up to 50% of the total amount of the global grant) with Down syndrome (trisomy 21) and linked pathologies as well as knowledge of the chromosome 21.

- Spring calls for proposals will be dedicated to both Down syndrome and other rare intellectual disabilities from genetic origin such as Fragile X, cri du chat, Rett, Williams-Beuren, Prader-Willi, Angelman, Smith-Magenis and other syndromes, and will not exceed 50% of the total amount of the annual global grant. Autism not linked to above diseases is out of this call for grants.

Applications could cover fundamental, translational, epidemiological, clinical research, neurobiology, and pharmacology including animal pharmacology, genetic, genomic, iPSCs, and neuropsychology techniques or data analysis. Priority will be given to clinical research projects.

Two types of research projects may be submitted and will be separately evaluated by the scientific board experts or external reviewers if needed for each call:

- Advanced grants will be dedicated to larger breakthrough projects with preliminary data. Two to four projects could be funded per call.

- Pilot or exploratory grants will be dedicated to initial early stage experiments built on preliminary data, or to ancillary projects to primary larger projects. The number of funded projects will depend of the annual global budget allocated by the Jerome Lejeune Foundation to the calls. Clinical projects could benefit from more funding.

Through this call the Jerome Lejeune Foundation will also support the organization of conferences, workshops and courses. Such projects will also be reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board.

- Autumn calls for proposals (submission from mid-June to early August 2019) will be exclusively dedicated to Down syndrome research with Advanced and Pilot/exploratory grants.


- Pilot or exploratory grants: The maximum funding will be 40,000.00 € for a maximum of two years (i.e. 20,000.00 € per year for a maximum of two years. Clinical projects could benefit from more funding).

- Advanced grants: The maximum funding will be 80,000.00 € for a maximum of two years (i.e. 40,000.00 € per year for a maximum of two years).


1 or 2 years


In case of interest, please contact with Research Management Department until 03th August 2019.

More information:

Conseil Scientifique – Fondation Jérôme Lejeune

37 rue des Volontaires, 75015 Paris, France

Fundació Sant Joan de Déu – Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu.
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