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Nova convocatòria:No
Entitat convocant:Sarcoma Foundation of America
Tipus de financiació:Privat
Abast de la financiació:Internacional
Categoria:Projecte de recerca
Àrea d'interès:Oncologia
Inici:1 Oct 2018
Termini FSJD:24 Gen 2019
Termini oficial:31 Gen 2019


The Sarcoma Foundation of America has developed a program to provide grants to investigators interested in translational science sarcoma research.

In accordance with the mission of the Foundation, research involving the development of novel agents against sarcoma, or research that could potentially lead to the development of novel agents against sarcoma, is eligible for this funding.

The SFA will only accept applications that focus on the following areas of research:

- Omic characterization of sarcomas and definition of novel targets

- Omic patterns of sensitivity and resistance to existing agents

- Systemic therapy combinationsImmunotherapy

In compliance with IRS instructions, grants cannot fund clinical trials.


Funding of up to $50,000, allowing up to 10 percent indirect costs, is available to cover equipment and supplies.

The SFA does not permit funds to be used for PI salaries.

However, applicants are permitted to request money for the payment of salaries for non-faculty post-docs, fellows, and technicians.

No more than 50 percent of SFA grant money can be used for salaries.

Applications requesting more than this amount will not be accepted.


1 year

How to apply

Researchers must submit proposals electronically at proposalCENTRAL:

Applicants must upload one PDF attachment containing biosketches, a proposal, and references.

Biosketches, not CVs, are specifically requested to minimize submission length. Do not submit manuscripts or journal articles.

This attachment is limited to six pages. Applications with attachments exceeding six pages will not be accepted.

Facilities and research disclosure form must be attached separately and does not count toward the proposal’s six-page limit.

In case of interest, contact FSJD Research Department before January 24th, 2019.

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