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Organization:The Company of Biologists
Financing type:Private
Scope of funding:Interantional
Category:Research project
Topic: #57091
Start:2018 Sep 12
FSJD end:2019 Aug 26
Official end:2019 Sep 2


The Company of Biologists' journals – Development, Journal of Cell Science, The Journal of Experimental Biology, and Disease Models & Mechanisms (DMM) – consider funding requests from the organizers of a range of charitable activities including – but not limited to meetings -workshops and conferences in the fields covered by our journals. Organisers may use a grant from The Company of Biologists in a variety of ways, for example, to meet the expenses of a plenary or keynote speaker, assist with travel for early career scientists, or to reduce (or waive) registration fees.


The applicant who completes the form must be in the organizing group for the meeting. Applications from professional fund-raisers will not be considered.

Incomplete application forms will not be considered.

Information on the topics/programme outline, speakers/proposed speakers and the budget outline for the whole meeting must be included with the application form. Please keep this information to a maximum of six pages in total.

Please note that whilst the quality of science remains paramount, The Company of Biologists would prefer to support meetings and events where organizers have sought maximal feasible diversity in speakers in terms of geography, gender, and age. In addition, where attendance at events is selective, then we would expect such issues to also be influential. We invite applicants to make a statement on these issues in their application for funding.

Funding requests must be in GB Pounds.

Application forms and supporting information must be written in English.

What will not be funded?

Expenditure on capital equipment and capital building proposals

Removal expenses

Undergraduate expeditions and courses

Prizes, e.g. posters

Social/political networking

Conference dinners/social events/refreshment breaks

Tuition fees

Payments for the employment of staff

Abstract books

Series of meetings year on year

Intra-institutional events, e.g. departmental seminars, etc.

Indirect cost


Although there are no rigid rules, we would normally expect grants to be broadly proportional to the size of the meeting. Typically, they are awarded on a sliding scale where meetings with fewer than 100 people are given up to £2,000, or over about 400 people up to £6,000. These limits can be exceeded in exceptional cases, but special justification is required.


4 January 2019 (Decision w/c 11 February 2019)

25 March 2019 (Decision w/c 06 May 2019)

27 May 2019 (Decision w/c 08 July 2019)

02 September 2019 (Decision w/c 07 October 2019)

In case of interest, please contact FSJD Research's Department one week before the official deadline.

More information:

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