Support to mitigate impact of COVID-19 pandemic

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Organization:PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe)
Financing type:Private
Scope of funding:Interantional
Category:Research project
Topic: #57091
Start:2020 Apr 1
FSJD end:2020 May 31
Official end:2020 May 31

PRACE is welcoming project proposals requesting computing resources to contribute to the mitigation of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This applies, without being exhaustive, to the following topics:

- Biomolecular research to understand the mechanisms of the virus infection

- Bioinformatics research to understand mutations, evolution, etc.

- Bio-simulations to develop therapeutics and/or vaccines

- Epidemiologic analysis to understand and forecast the spread of the disease

- Other analyses to understand and mitigate the impact of the pandemic

This call for proposals will follow a fast track review process to provide swift feedback to the applicants. PRACE has established a Scientific Committee which will discuss the merit of the proposals, and is supported by external scientific experts, and a technical team.

This call is open until further notice. Applications are evaluated within one week and start as soon as possible if awarded.

More information

In case of interest, please contact with FSJD Research's Department.

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