Third Programme in the field of health – Call for tenders 2019

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Announcement sent:Yes
New announcement:Yes
Organization:European Commission
Financing type:Public
Scope of funding:European
Category:Research project
Topic: #57091
Start:2019 Aug 14
FSJD end:2019 Sep 23
Official end:2019 Sep 30


Two new calls for tenders for studies have been published in the framework of the Third HealthProgramme. Two contracts are proposed to:

a) Provision a study linked to vaccines


b) Provision of Options and Recommendations for an EU Citizens’ Vaccination Card



Chafea/2019/Health/07: Call for tenders for Provision of Options and Recommendations for an EU Citizens’ Vaccination Card.

The purpose of this contract is to examine the feasibility of developing a common vaccination card for EU citizens. Based on a mapping of existing vaccination cards (work package 1), the contractor shall develop, test and evaluate proposals for an EU citizens’ vaccination card that takes into account potentially different national vaccination schedules; that is interoperable with EU Member States’ Immunisation information systems (IIS); and that is common to all EU Member States and usable across borders (work package 2).


Chafea/2019/Health/08: Call for tenders for study linked to vaccines.

The purpose of this contract is the provision of a study:

  • (i) exploring the feasibility of and identifying options for physical stockpiling of vaccines; and
  • (ii) developing a concept for a mechanism for exchanging vaccine supplies from one EU Member State to another in case of an outbreak.


Eligible applicants

The grants can be awarded to legally established organisations, such as national health authorities,public and private bodies, in particular research and health organisations, universities and highereducation establishments.

In addition to that, for topic 1 only approved ERNs not having received grants for registries underthe related call 2016 are eligible for co-funding.

For topic 2, projects should include at least oneEuropean umbrella organisation covering a significant part of the health workforce.



A project proposal must be submitted by at least 3 legal entities from 3 different eligible countries.However, for topic 1 applications submitted by single applicants are allowed.



The grants cover 60% of the costs of the project. This figure can rise to 80% in specific cases:- At least 60 % of the total budget of the action must be used to fund staff;- At least 30 % of the budget of the proposed action is allocated to Member States whosegross national income (GNI) per inhabitant is less than 90 % of the Union average;- The proposal must demonstrate excellence in furthering public health in Europe and a veryhigh EU added value.


Project duration

The maximum duration of projects is 3 years.


More information at

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